Colonial and national racialisations in island Southeast Asia

Edited by Warwick Anderson and Ricardo Roque, the new special issue of the Journal of Southeast Asian Studies explores the role and legacy of colonial science in the ethno-historical construction of ‘human difference’ in the ‘imagined racial laboratory’ of Island Southeast Asia. Entitled Imagined Racial Laboratories: Colonial and National Racializations in Island Southeast Asia the volume brings together an international group of scholars and it has been recently published (vol. 49 n. 3, 2018).

This publication is an output of REGS – Race and Ethnicity in the Global South Laureate Fellowship based at University of Sydney, a research network within which the EMPIRES Research Group was involved.

The introductory essay to this special issue is on open access at theJournal of Southeast Asian Studies website:

Warwick Anderson and Ricardo Roque, “Introduction — Imagined laboratories: Colonial and national racialisations in Island Southeast Asia” Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, vol. 49, 3 (2018), 358-371.