International Workshop: History, Social Sciences and Postcolonial Theory

History, Social Sciences and Postcolonial Theory
International Workshop

7th november | 10h-18h | Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa

Organization: ICS-UL, IHC/NOVA-FCSH e CEC-UL
Coordination: Matheus Serva Pereira (ICS), José Neves (IHC), Marcos Cardão (CEC) and Rita Lucas Narra (IHC).

By discussing three articles authored by historian Sanjay Seth, this workshop constitutes an opportunity to challenge the limits of History and the Social Sciences, as well as to explore how modern Western knowledge ‘travelled’ to the non-Western world and what effects this had. The workshop will gather Professor Sanjay Seth and Portuguese based researchers from different universities and whose work focus on subjects as diverse as Global History, Science Studies, IR and Anthropology. The workshop is open to the participation of PhD students, researchers, teachers and who else is interested in exploring Postcolonial Theory.

Those willing to participate must send an email to: The deadline for inscriptions is the 27th October. There is a limited number of seats available. The participation in the workshop requires the previous reading of the articles. The articles will be sent by email along with the notice that the inscription was accepted.

Consulte o programa aqui.