Transcolonial: wading through the web of empire, uma palestra de João de Pina Cabral

João de Pina Cabral (ICS-ULisboa) realizará a palestra intitulada Transcolonial: wading through the web of empireno dia 28 de junho, às 15h, na Sala Maria de Sousa, no ICS-ULisboa. A palestra é uma iniciativa do projeto Race Trouble (FCT-2022.04225.PTDC), coordenado por Sofia Aboim e Filipe Carreira da Silva, ambos do ICS-ULisboa.

Abstract: This communication reflects upon a collection of essays I have recently published, where I defend the notion of transcoloniality.  By conjoining my own personal history during the period of decolonisation with contemporary encounters in post-Independence Mozambique, I try to show how history permeates social relations in terms of values and concepts that we have inherited but that are also permanently up for reconsideration.  Writing about these encounters led me to explore what it is to ‘believe that’.  I want to show how ‘retention’ plays a central role in our interactions by focusing on the metaphors of cannibalism and how it supports a postcolonial racialised society in Mozambique.