Violence, Rumor, and Elusive Trust in Mocímboa da Praia, Mozambique

New article from Ana Margarida Sousa Santos, with the title “Violence, Rumor, and Elusive Trust in Mocímboa da Praia, Mozambique”, has just been published in Social Analysis: The International Journal of Anthropology.

Abstract: The riots of 2005 in Mocímboa da Praia and the current violent attacks in Cabo Delgado province have resulted in a range of unsettling rumors. This article revisits the riots and their aftermath to make sense of the rumors that have spread since then, fueling fears of violence and uncertainty. These disconcerting rumors are especially rich in what they tell us about the perception of the political Other and the narratives that materialize following violent events. The way in which rumors circulated and were believed or discarded draws a rough picture of the local political arena. This article discusses the elusive nature of trust following sudden violence and addresses the role and relevance of rumors as an obstacle to the creation of peaceful trust relationships.