Elites in the Iberian World in Early Modern Age

Aiming to debate research in progress about the concept of elites of the Iberian Empires in Early Modern Age, it took place, in December 12th and 13th, 2019, at ICS, the international seminar: “Elites in the Iberian World in Early Modern Age – Historiographical renovations and new research perspectives in progress”

As organizer, Ângela Barreto Xavier (ICS) participated in the inaugural speech as well as in the discussion of the papers presented, in collaboration with Nuno Gonçalo Monteiro (ICS)

Kevin Carreira Soares (PIUDHist – ICS), debated the case of the episcopal appointments to southeast Asia in XVI e XVII centuries, discussing their value as royal appointments and their role to the consolidation of power of both monarchies. Ana Mafalda Lopes (PIUDHist-ICS) presented the case of the widows of Porto, debating the mechanisms that they used to hold and increase their heritage.