Medicina Veterinária e Império em África, séc. XX: Bárbara Direito no Ciência e Império

11 April, 12h30, at ICS

Bárbara Direito (CIUHCT-NOVA) presents

“Medicina Veterinária e Império em África, séc. XX: notas de um projecto de investigação em curso”

“Ciência & Império” is a joint seminar organised by CIUHCT and the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon, consisting of presentations (15 min.) and discussion (45 min.) of works in progress on the subject of inter-connections between scientific knowledge, technology and imperial formations. This seminar calls on historians, anthropologists and social scientists in general, to jointly establish an interdisciplinary reflection on science and the colonial phenomenon. This series’ organisers are researchers Cláudia Castelo (CIUHCT) and Ricardo Roque (ICS).

The seminars take places on every second Wednesday of the month, from 12h30 to 13h30, alternating venues between the Faculty of Sciences and ICS, both within the University of Lisbon campus. Sessions are open to both the academic and non-academic community, as well as national and foreign researchers from various institutions.

More information on the all year programme here.