New book forum on “Headhunting and Colonialism” in the journal “Monde(s)”

The latest issue of the journal  “Monde(s). Histoire, Espaces, Relations” ( n. 17, 2020/1)  includes a book forum on the book “Headhunting and Colonialism: Anthropology and the Circulation of Human Skulls in the Portuguese Empire, 1870-1930“, by Ricardo Roque (ICS-ULisboa), published in 2010.
The forum incudes  commentaries on the book by Nadia Vargaftig (Université de Reims) and Julien Bondaz (Université Lyon 2) and a response by the author.
This is part of the special issue “Tristes trophées: objets et restes humains dans les conquêtes coloniales du XIXe siècle” edited by Lancelot Arzel and Daniel Foliard.

Revue Monde(s)

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