Towards a Decentered approach to the Global History of Law

No âmbito do Seminário de Pós-Graduação em História do Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa, Manuel Bastias Saavedra, do Instituto Max Plant, apresentará a conferência intitulada: “Law in Global History: Towards a Decentered approach to the History of Law”, no próximo dia  4 de dezembro, às 14h30,

O seminário será via Zoom

ID da reunião: 846 5038 1518
Senha de acesso: 889600

Para os interessados, o ICS disponibilizará a sala 3 para transmissão da conferência


Resumo: The field of global history has become an increasingly consolidated field in historical research over the past two decades. It has opened the possibility of exploring a wide range of new issues as well as rethinking many assumptions that derived from nation-centered or Eurocentric narratives. The deconstructive approach that drives much global historical research, however, has not been applied to questioning the ethnocentric conceptions of law. This lack of attention ultimately risks reintroducing Eurocentric narratives through the back door. Legal history has only recently begun to take the challenges of global history seriously and certainly much more research is required to produce truly global narratives of the development of law. The historical study of law, however, is moving in new directions and sustained dialogue with global and social history will contribute greatly to the development of these fields of research.